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 Raritan Valley Veterinary Hospital

Wellnness Care


Wellness Care

Now offering laser therapy!


Weight Check: to ensure that the weight aligns with the recommended BMI for your pet’s age and breed. If necessary, we can provide diet and exercise counseling.


Skin and Coat Evaluation: to check for dandruff, dry skin, rashes, infection and other issues such as atopy that may require treatment.


Eyes, Nose, and Ears Evaluation: to check for irregularities, such as cataract, glaucoma, dry eye, growths, ear mites, odors, and discharge, as these may be signs of an infection.


Oral Exam: to detect tartar build-up, bad breath, masses, and other abnormal symptoms that may be signs of gum disease. If necessary, we can schedule an appointment for a comprehensive dental cleaning or diagnostic imaging exam.


Heart and Lungs: to check for heart murmurs, crackles, rales, fluid in lungs and other abnormalities.


Legs, Abdomen, and Anal Sac: to check for atypical reactions, including pain or masses in abdomen.


Fecal Exam: to check for intestinal parasites (stool sample required).

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